Complete Bathroom Renovation

We were asked to look at this bathroom in Wells, Somerset, because the toilet had started to wobble. It seemed that water had been getting on to the floor from the shower at the end of the bath, which had weakened the floor.

However on removing the bath panel we saw that the situation was much worse; water had been pouring down the wall behind the bath from the shower for years. This had rotted away the floor under the bath and under the lino around the toilet, and even the floor joists were rotten.

There was nothing for it but to remove everything, floor and all, and re-build the bathroom. The layout stayed the same, but everything was replaced including most of the joists.

The whole job, from removing the old bathroom and floor to refitting and decorating was completed in a week.

The guys were amazing!

The state of the place became apparent when a tenant left, but within a week of him leaving it was back on the market and let again in 10 days – with the bathroom being a major selling feature!

Charlotte D, Wells Somerset

Bathroom refurb completed

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