Electric Vehicle Homecharge Point Services From Foundations Up Construction

Looking to have an electric vehicle home charging point installed in the South West? We are Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme authorised installers.

We cover Bath, Bristol, Frome, Westbury, Trowbridge, Wells and the whole of the South West.


Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular. Advances in technology, the increased cost of fossil fuel and environmental concerns, mean that more drivers are opting for electric vehicles and home installed charging points (EVCP’s), as an effective way to maximise cost savings and reduce emissions.

The government is committed to meeting emissions targets by 2050 and the South West has one of the lowest concentrations of EVCPs in the UK. So, they are incentivising electric vehicle users with Grant Funding of up to £500 to help towards the cost of installing electric vehicle home charging points. Foundations Up can help you navigate the paperwork and apply to the scheme, more information about the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme available here (www.gov.uk/government/organisations/office-for-low-emission-vehicles).

Benefits of Home installed Electric Vehicle Charging Point

  • Your own personal charging point, with charging 2 – 3 times faster than using a normal plug
  • Built-in safety features that won’t interfere with household electricity supply
  • Overnight charging means using electricity whilst the rates are cheapest
  • Electric Vehicles are exempt from road tax and some congestion charges, making them even more economical to run in the long-term
  • Potential to sell unused electricity back to the grid using Vehicle-to-Grid chargers
  • Desirable feature when selling a home in the future
  • The electricity can be supplied and charged by your current provider at usual rates

Planning your installation – Where can electric vehicle home charge points be installed?

  • Externally on the side of a home or in a garage
  • In a detached building
  • There are different types of charger available depending on your needs

Government electric vehicle home charge point grants

Up to £500 (or 75% of total cost) per installation via the government Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.

How Foundations Up can help?

  • We are authorised electric vehicle charge point installers
  • We can help you apply for the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme grant funding
  • Provide advice on where best to install and can carry out any additional work required