Foundations Up COVID-19 ‘Coronavirus’ Precautions

With the rules and guidelines changing in April 2022 we have amended our own working practices. However we need to continue to ensure that our workforce can stay fit and well, and to make sure we limit the spread of the virus, particularly to anyone who is in a vulnerable or at risk group, so we would appreciate your help by continuing to take precautions.

We will follow all guidance provided by the Government or Public Health England.

If you are concerned or in an at ‘risk group’ we are happy to discuss further precautions

Arranging Visits

Visits will ONLY take place to any customer who can assure us that they and other members of their household have none of the coronavirus symptoms and are not self-isolating.

If at any stage, you feel you might pose a danger to our staff or cannot meet the conditions described above, please inform us and we will reschedule our visit.

During Visits

We will make no physical contact with customers or other parties. We will ask them to remain a minimum of 2m from us at all times while we work.

When talking to you we will wear masks.

The usual construction PPE will be used as normal.

After the Work

We will keep our contact with you paperless and contactless where possible, so invoices and payment details will be sent electronically. Please contact us if this will be a problem for you.

Contact us immediately should anyone in your household develop symptoms or be diagnosed with Covid-19 at any point up 48 hours after the work has been carried out.

General Measures

All staff are required to report their temperature every morning prior to work. Anyone with unusual readings will be sent home.

We will not visit anyone using public transport.

We have made a commitment to pay our immunised staff full wages as long as we can if they do have to self-isolate so that there is no disincentive to do so.

We can only do this if we can continue to work, and to do this we need to be rigorous about the measures we take to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. We do not intend to offend you with our social distancing measures.

We will make every effort to ensure that your project is not affected by the virus, but there is a chance that it could be, despite the measures we are taking. We would prefer to postpone your work for a little time rather than risk giving you the virus.

We hope these measures provide some comfort and minimize the risk while continuing to carry out our work.

Many thanks for your help and understanding following these guidelines to make it safe for us to work.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately; we will be happy to help.